Catch Basins & Inlets Specifications

Used as traffic-rated drainage structures, we manufacture Catch Basins and Inlets in standard and specialty sizes.

Catch Basins and Inlets are most often used as traffic-rated drainage structures. We can manufacture them with thin-walled sections for knock-out capabilities to provide additional field flexibility and eliminate the need for cast-in-place or masonry structures. Custom manufactured inlets with specialty cored holes are available.



ASTM C857, ASTM C858, ASTM C913, ASTM C990


Wet cast


Standard sizes ranging from 1.5’ x 4’ up to 5’ x 5’ in various section heights. Catch basin riser sections are available from 6” to 60” height depending on catch basin size. Custom riser heights available upon request. See our sales team for specialty sizing.


Flexible butyl mastic per ASTM C990

Principle Uses

To collect, temporarily store, and route stormwater runoff from the ground surface to the underground pipes.

close-up of catch basins


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Manhole and Catch Basin Sizing

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Detail for Catch Basins in standard sizes

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Catch Basin Lid Details