Environmental, Social, Governance

Our focus is embedded in our culture.

Aerial view of steel pipe in the Portland Plant yard at sunrise
Scott Montross, President & CEO

“We are focused on investing in our workforce, health and safety programs, and social initiatives, while continuing to manufacture products that positively impact the environment. We see so much potential as we continue to innovate and bring new technology to the water infrastructure markets. This commitment to innovate is deeply rooted in our core values, where we reinforce safety as our top priority, continually improve team performance, and support a more sustainable future.”


Northwest Pipe Company is dedicated to being a leader in water infrastructure and sets the standard of excellence in engineering and manufacturing performance. Our everyday business is grounded in our core values of ACT—Accountability, Commitment, and Teamwork—which extends to our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programs.

ESG Vision
  • Creating a partnership with our employees to establish the safest and most engaging environment possible where all individuals in the workplace feel empowered to share their contributions because they know their leadership values them equally and have the specific support that they need to succeed and grow.
  • Focusing on cultivating workforce diversity from the shop floor through the highest levels of our Company. In addition, through our organizational efforts and practices, striving to ensure that our employee groups are culturally and socially accepted, welcomed, and equally treated in our workplace.
  • Prioritizing continuous improvement in reducing our impact on the environment.
Materiality Assessment

Northwest Pipe Company conducted a materiality assessment to identify the top issues as they relate to our long-term business performance and ESG strategy. Through employee and stakeholder interviews, we identified 16 key ESG topics to focus on and ranked them according to their importance to internal stakeholders and the Company’s long-term business goals. While all topics are important, material topics are separated by the level of attention and resources that may be needed to improve performance. As shown in our Materiality Assessment chart below, the Company will continue to maintain and manage performance of the topics identified in the “Continue Best Practices” category; however, these topics do not require the same level of attention and focus as the topics in the “Prioritize” category.

Our ESG materiality assessment is ongoing and will be periodically reviewed to ensure the topics that are most important to the Company’s business and stakeholders are properly considered. Materiality Assessment 2023

For more information on our ESG programs please contact Dan Soltesz, Corporate Responsibility Manager: dsoltesz@nwpipe.com