Hybrid PVC Manhole System

Cost-effective and corrosion-free sanitary sewer solution for new construction or rehabilitation.


The Hybrid PVC Manhole System combines the corrosion and abrasion resistance benefits of traditional lined manholes with the ease of installation and the widespread availability of industry-standard PVC pipes.

This system offers a simple, cost-effective, modular design that meets all structural and corrosion resistance requirements for use in municipal sewer systems throughout North America. It is available for both new construction and rehabilitation projects and comes with a 50-year warranty and 100-year design life.

Each Hybrid PVC Manhole System includes an FRP-lined reinforced concrete base and lid and a PVC riser, complete with a preinstalled ladder. Installation is quick and easy, and labor can be 100% self-performed in the field.

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Economical solution
  • Rated for HS-20/HL-93 AASHTO traffic loading
  • Meets ASTM C478 and AASHTO M199 standard s
  • DR51 C-900 One-piece riser eliminates the need for stacking sections
  • Watertight joints
  • Lined manhole base and lined lid
  • Pre-installed ladder
  • Easy installation: installs similar to precast manholes
  • Eliminates the need to work in confined space during installation (for new construction)
  • 50-year warranty
  • 100-year design life


Simple and Effective Rehab Solution

Removal of the flat lid or cone section allows a new FRP base liner, PVC pipe riser, and Precast FRP flat top to slide into the existing manhole, creating a brand-new rehabilitated manhole. The annular space between the PVC riser and the existing structure is filled with high-strength grout to restore strength to the rehabilitated structure.

Proven Performance

The first Hybrid PVC Manhole installed in North America has been in service since 2002. It relies on the strength and durability of precast concrete designed in accordance with the universally accepted ASTM C478 standard. The precast surfaces are protected from corrosion by Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer, and the riser section is constructed from AWWA C900 DR51 PVC pipe.

With extensive testing and over 20 years of continuous use, the Hybrid PVC Manhole is the most cost-effective, 100% corrosion-resistant, and permanent solution available.

Specifications and Drawings


  • Sanitary Sewer
  • New Construction
  • Rehabilitation


  • Manhole Base: ASTM C478 Precast Concrete w/ Integral FRP Liner Including Bell & Gasket Pipe Connections.
  • Manhole Riser: Diamond Plastics Trans-21 C900 DR51 Pressure Class PVC Pipe.
  • Manhole Lid: H-20 Rated ASTM C478 Precast Concrete w/ Integrated FRP Liner and Telescopic Access Collar.
  • Grade Rings: ASTM C478 Precast Concrete Grade Rings or Polymer Grade Rings
  • Joint Sealant: ASTM C990 Butyl Rubber with ASTM C877 Joint Wrap
  • ASTM C478 Concrete From NPCA-certified Manufacturer


  • Pickle Jar – Weight Change (SSPWC 211-2)
  • Pickle Jar – Tensile Strength (ASTM D638)
  • Pickle Jar – Hardness (ASTM D2240)
  • MH Vacuum Test (ASTM C 1244)
  • MH H-20 Load Test (ASTM D3753)
  • Flexural Strength (ASTM D790)
  • Abrasion (ASTM D-4060)
  • Compression (ASTM D-695)

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