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Excelling in Trenchless Installation and Rehabilitation

The trenchless technology market has advanced in the past years, both in technique and materials. As a generic term for construction, rehabilitation, or replacement of buried pipelines and utilities via minimally intrusive means, trenchless technology projects produce substantially less surface and subsurface disruption compared to open trench construction.

Utilized not just in urban centers where pipe laying is impractical, trenchless technology projects are necessary to work around fixed structures or geographical impediments. The compressive and tensile strength of steel is ideal to withstanding high jacking forces. For any installation method, from Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and Direct Pipe to Auger Bore, Pipe Ram, and Microtunneling, Permalok® steel casing pipe dramatically increases trenchless throughput and efficiency with our proprietary interlocking joint system that eliminates field butt-welding.

For the most challenging HDD projects, Permalok steel pipe is the premier choice as it is fully engineered, from selection of wall thicknesses, to the availability of joints and a wide range of coatings and linings. The distance that steel pipeline can be directionally drilled is only limited by available installation equipment.

Our RCP Jacking Pipe and Perfect Pipe is revolutionizing stormwater and wastewater systems. Perfect Pipe is conventional reinforced concrete pipe with a HDPE composite liner to protect concrete pipe from corrosion. Its internal connector joint provides a smooth laminar flow, a tight seal, can be used in conjunction with any other pipe system, and is ideal for trenchless jacking applications.



Through our wide array of products, we continue to contribute to the growth of trenchless technology. Northwest Pipe Company is proud to be the pipe manufacturer of choice for Trenchless Technology Magazine’s 2019 Projects of the Year – New Installation Category, the Ellwood Water Treatment Plant in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania.

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