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Water Transmission

Leadership backed by quality innovation.

Northwest Pipe Company is the most experienced manufacturer of engineered water transmission systems in North America. Bar none. We custom manufacture each system to maximize project goals and specifications. For us, there is no one-size or product fits-all mentality.

With the ability to produce spiral or straight-seam steel pipe, reinforced concrete pressure pipe, and bar-wrapped concrete pipe in all lengths and diameters, we offer the most comprehensive solutions for water transmission projects used in high- to low-pressure applications. We continually refine our water transmission solutions by actively working with regional water authorities, municipalities, provincial and federal agencies, industrial clients as well as their consulting engineers, AWWA, ASTM, NACE, SSPC and other standards agencies or associations.

We strive to provide our clients with the lowest cost of ownership for the life of their water pipeline. With over 90% of our projects secured through completive bid, we deliver our unmatched quality at competitive prices.

How do we provide top-level quality at competitive prices? In two ways. First, we lead in technical innovation. True, water transmission industry principles have not changed much in the last century, but our engineering team finds ways to bring fresh ideas to a timeless industry. Our company currently holds 16 patents, 12 trademarks, and seven copyrights, including our most recent patent focusing on a seismic resilient joint for steel water pipe.

Secondly, we collaborate with project team stakeholders to optimize specifications. Our in-house engineering staff live and breathe AWWA, ASTM, and NACE standards. Backed by years of practical field-tested production, we manufacture pipe that performs under the most stringent conditions. Our engineering leadership sit on the defining standards committees for AWWA, ASTM, and NACE —we not only know the standards, we know how they will perform on your project.

Through the years, the fundamental importance of water transmission remains. Whether extending the life and reliability of an existing line, or bringing vital water to a new community, water transmission lines build the foundation of society. With locations across North America, Northwest Pipe is nearby and ready to support your project through design, specification, installation, and testing.

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Our engineering team leads the industry in knowledge and innovation.