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Stormwater Management

The high-strength and durability of precast concrete make it an ideal material for stormwater pipe, culverts, and basins, which are custom manufactured for optimum performance above- and below-ground.

A stormwater system manages rainfall, snow, and ice melt runoff and conveys the untreated water to nearby streams, rivers, or other bodies of water. RCP (Reinforced concrete pipe) is the standard material used in storm sewer systems. Its high strength and durability puts it at an advantage over high-density polyethylene plastic pipe.

Through Geneva Pipe and Precast, a Northwest Pipe Company, we manufacture RCP and precast concrete components specifically engineered for simple and cost-effective stormwater system installation. Decades of research and precast production gives us the knowledge to develop concrete mixes, pipe design, and manufacturing processes that improve precast utility products to withstand a complete range of underground environments and effluent profiles. In addition, unique to precast, its strength gradually increases over time.

With stricter EPA guidelines, stormwater treatment is necessary to almost every commercial or civil construction project. Precast concrete pipe, culverts, and basins are custom manufactured to your project specifications for the optimum performance and pricing above- and below-ground water.

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