Perfect Lined Manhole Specifications

Lined concrete sanitary sewer and storm drain manholes are available in a range of sizes and designed to meet all national and local requirements.

The Perfect Lined Manhole System is a highly customizable, corrosion-resistant solution for sanitary sewer and storm drain manholes ranging in size from 44” to 120”. All manholes are designed to meet the varying load requirements required by national specifications. Perfect Lined Manhole bases are cast monolithically with customizable invert channels and pipe connections. Additional available features include manhole steps, various hole openings, and custom lids.



ASTM C478, ASTM C443, ASTM C990, AASHTO M199


Dry cast and/or wet cast manufactured using Type III/V Cement which meets the requirements for both Type III and Type V Cement.


Standard diameters of 48” to 120”. Section heights ranging from 1’ up to 8’ are available.


Rubber gaskets per ASTM C443 or flexible butyl mastic per ASTM C990.


High-density polyethylene, fiber-reinforced plastic

Principle Uses

Standard manholes can be used to accommodate a change in pipe direction, a change in pipe size or shape, a location for maintenance and line observation access, junctions for multiple pipes, pump stations and wet wells, overflow structures and best management practice (BMP) products.

Perfect Lined Manhole Installation