Engineered Steel Water Pipe

Specifications for Engineered Steel Water Pipe

large white pipe in portland production facility

Northwest Pipe Company manufactures engineered steel pipe to the specifications of your project and to the consensus AWWA standards. We are a fully experienced, reputable, and qualified manufacture of steel pipe and fittings. All pipe and fittings are designed and constructed in accordance with the best practices and comply with applicable specifications. Our pipe cylinders, coating, lining, and fabrication of specials are manufactured in ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities.



AWWA C200 and AWWA Steel Pipe Design Manual M11


Spiralweld and seam-weld steel pipe


Standard diameters of 6” to 156” in lengths up to 60’. Larger diameters available.


Operating pressures from 150 to more than 850 psi.


O-Ring rolled groove rubber gasket, bell and spigot lap weld, butt-weld, butt-strap, Atlas Seismic Resilient Joint, Clamp-tite and other specialty joints.


Cement mortar, polyurethane, liquid epoxy, and specialty paints


Cement mortar, polyurethane, polyethylene tape, liquid epoxy, and specialty paints

Principle Uses

Large-scale transport of potable and non-potable water for water mains, wastewater, and industrial applications. Often used in water infrastructure projects including new or replacement transmission lines, or water and wastewater treatment lines.

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