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Northwest Pipe Company is your single source for quality, cost-effective steel and concrete pipe engineered to excel in any trenchless application.

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Steel and Concrete Pipe Solutions Advancing the Trenchless Industry

Trenchless construction makes installing and repairing underground utilities possible in areas where excavation is not an option. By harnessing the power of trenchless technology, constructing pipelines beneath congested urban streets, railroad and highway crossings, waterways, and other sensitive environments can be achieved with minimal surface disruption and maximum precision.

Pairing the right tunneling technique with the right pipe is critical to project success, and sourcing the right pipe is simple with Northwest Pipe Company. Our growing line of trenchless solutions is designed to reduce risk and optimize installation efficiency and product performance for any tunneling application.



Northwest Pipe’s trenchless pipe products include Permalok® Steel Casing Pipe, straight-seam steel pipe, reinforced concrete jacking pipe, and corrosion-resistant Trenchless Perfect Pipe. Each product is custom-engineered to navigate the unique challenges of your project, offering application-specific solutions for microtunneling, pipe-jacking, auger boring, pipe ramming, HDD, and direct pipe installations.

As a leader in trenchless innovation, Northwest Pipe is bringing fresh ideas to the evolving field of underground construction. One of our team’s latest achievements is the Permalok® Radial Bending Joint (RBJ), which enables steel pipe to be installed along a curved radius in microtunneling applications—a first in the industry.

Offering multiple products through a consolidated point of contact streamlines project logistics while providing contractors, owners, and engineers access to our unmatched in-house engineering and technical resources. As your single source for trenchless pipe solutions, Northwest Pipe Company offers unique and flexible products that lessen risk and increase profitability for even the most challenging projects.

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