Box Culverts

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Diverse in applications, box culverts are the darlings of utility and infrastructure construction. Precast at our Utah plants, we deliver them to your site ready-to-use in storm drains, culverts, tunnels, and crossings.

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ASTM C1577, ASTM C1433

We custom design and produce each box culvert individually for your project and fabricate with a precise mix of welded wire reinforcing and triangular haunches to back project loading. Our NPCA-certified plants located in Utah manufacture in both dry cast and wet cast methods. All fabrication assures quality control and dependable structural integrity that exceeds concrete strength requirements and governing standards.

We produce countless variations of box culvert designs with sizes and optional custom features as small as 3’ span and 1’ rise to as large as shipping allows. We will team with your engineers to produce long span box culverts up to 24’. Custom appurtenances such as skewed sections, wyes, tees, and end sections can include wing walls, head walls, aprons and cutoff walls.

Box culverts are extremely versatile and in any construction application, provide proven strength, durability, and performance. Pairing these benefits with additional precast features including quick installation, long service life, and improved life cycle cost, the end product provides an ideal solution for many projects. Common use includes diverting a watercourse; road crossings for animals, pedestrians, vehicles, railways or utilities; water or other product and material storage, and tunnels.

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Box Culverts Specifications

Geneva Pipe and Precast, a Northwest Pipe Company, manufactures engineered precast concrete box culverts to meet unique project requirements and...

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