Catch Basins & Inlets

Catch Basin and Inlets for Stormwater and Sanitary Sewer Systems

Resilient, sustainable, and economical Catch Basins and Inlets are key in underground drainage systems.

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ASTM C-890, ASTM C-913

Catch basins and inlets are a key component of underground drainage systems. Catch basins, a term specific to municipal maintenance, refer to curb inlets, which prevent flooding and convey stormwater. Most catch basins consist of a below-ground box or cylinder topped with a grate.

Precast catch basins are resilient, durable, and widely used across North America, and meet DOT specifications. With a proven 100-year service life, precast concrete catch basins are a long-term solution for stormwater and drainage. Our engineers will team with you to manufacture basins and inlets that are site-specific shape, size, and configuration to create a quality performing solution.

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Catch Basins & Inlets Specifications Documents

Used as traffic-rated drainage structures, we manufacture Catch Basins and Inlets in standard and specialty sizes.

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