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Solutions for America’s Water Infrastructure

Water infrastructure in the United States is at a tipping point. The United States Environmental Protection Agency states critical repairs and replacements are necessary to continue to provide safe drinking water to the public. The American Society of Civil Engineers has given poor ratings to many aspects of our water infrastructure and concludes that more than $1 trillion is needed to repair and expand drinking water infrastructure from 2011 to 2035.

These assessments are cause for concern. Coupled with the rise of new population centers, increased public awareness of drinking water quality, conservation efforts, and increasingly stringent environmental regulations, the demands on water infrastructure continue to grow.

Northwest Pipe Company manufactures products to support improvements to American infrastructure. For large-scale transport of water and wastewater, we are the largest providers of spiralweld steel water pipe in North America. Our proprietary Permalok steel casing pipe provides housing for utilities and water transmission lines and performs well in urban areas. We produce a full line of precast concrete infrastructure components to support construction both above and below ground.

Our team has completed hundreds of infrastructure projects for regional water authorities. Our highly experienced manufacturing and engineering professionals provide the highest quality products that will be part of our infrastructure for generations to come.

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