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Engineered Steel Pipe


Engineered Steel Water Pipe Manufacturing

At our water transmission pipe plants, we produce spiral or straight-seam steel pipe for high- to low-pressure applications, engineered to meet the exacting specifications of your project. This video tours you through some of the key stages of our manufacturing process, including an inside look at the spiral mill, hydro testing, coatings, linings, and fabrication.


InfraShield® Seismic Resilient Joint System

The patent-pending InfraShield technology builds on the proven performance of C200 steel pipe with bell-and-spigot lap-welded joints to provide even greater resilience and sustainability during a seismic or geohazard event. The steel pipe stretches and folds while protecting the joint, allowing the pipe to continue delivering life-saving water to first responders and communities after an event.


EARTH with John Holden feat. Northwest Pipe Company

In this episode of EARTH with John Holden, John heads to our Saginaw, TX plant to take an in-depth look at our manufacturing process and how our engineered steel pipe is providing a sustainable and reliable water transmission solution for the communities served by North Texas Municipal Water District.


Precast Infrastructure

Perfect Pipe: Manufacturing HDPE-Lined RCP for Sanitary Sewer Systems

Combining the strength of reinforced concrete pipe with a corrosion-resistant liner and a leak-free joint, Perfect Pipe by Geneva Pipe and Precast is revolutionizing wastewater systems. Watch for an in-depth look at the manufacturing process at our “Perfect Plant” in Orem, Utah.


Perfect Pipe and Perfect Lined Manholes: Corrosion-Resistant Sanitary Sewer System

Perfect Pipe and Perfect Lined Manholes offer cutting-edge corrosion resistance for municipal sewer infrastructure. An integrated liner provides 100% coverage and creates a tight seal and a smooth laminar flow for long-lasting performance in sanitary sewer and wastewater environments.



Perfect Pipe and Perfect Lined Manhole System – 3D Animation

Our Perfect Lined Manhole combines with Perfect Pipe for a completely lined, corrosion-resistant solution for municipal wastewater and stormwater applications. Each concrete-composite piece seals perfectly in place utilizing rubber gaskets for a 100% leak-free system.


American Fork River Bridge Installation

Precast concrete has a distinct advantage over poured-in-place concrete as a quick and easily installed infrastructure solution. Watch how the American Fork River Bridge comes together like clockwork using precast segments manufactured in-house by our Geneva Team and delivered directly to the job site.


Trenchless Solutions

Red River Valley Water Supply Project – Missouri River Intake Tunnel  | Permalok® Trenchless Installation

The Red River Valley Water Supply Project is designed to convey supplemental water from the Missouri River to the Sheyenne River through a planned 167-mile pipeline. The project’s intake main utilizes 1,567 LF of trenchless 72-inch AWWA C200 steel pipe with Permalok T-7 joints. Additionally, Northwest Pipe provided custom pipe fittings for the project’s intake screen structure.


Permalok® Steel Casing Pipe | Manufacturing Marvels TV Series

Permalok steel casing pipe is often used in microtunneling, pipe jacking, auger boring, and pipe ramming construction applications. Our precision-machined joint reduces field time by eliminating butt-weld joints, resulting in a shortened tunneling duration and reduced field costs. Learn about the steel casing pipe production process at our Permalok plant located in St. Louis, Missouri.


Concrete Solutions for Trenchless and Wastewater Systems

Geneva Pipe and Precast’s reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) is a classic choice for trenchless construction, offering unbeatable strength, durability, and value. For applications where corrosion is a concern, Perfect Pipe combines the resiliency of RCP with the corrosion protection of a leak-proof HDPE liner. A weld-free joint design on most diameters makes for quick and easy trenchless installation.

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