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Sanitary Sewer

Precast concrete is the standard material used in storm sewer systems, sanitation systems, and large irrigation projects. Offering high strength and durability at competitive costs, they are the best option for a long-term solution.

Critical to any sanitary sewer system, manholes and pipe must be durable and able to withstand raw water and waste. Concrete products are a natural material of choice. Precast components are strong, built to last, and meet all local and state jurisdictions for public projects. Their ease of installation and wide availability make them even more popular.

A sanitary sewer is a system of underground pipe and components that carry sewage to a wastewater treatment plant. Precast concrete manholes are an integral component of any modern sewer system. A properly designed and installed precast concrete manhole system provides superior watertight performance compared with competing methods and materials. Compared to pour-in-place, precast products are delivered to your jobsite ready to install, eliminating the time required to construct forms, mix and pour concrete, and of course, wait to harden. With precast, all production occurs in a quality controlled environment, eliminating any weather or productivity concerns.

In addition to producing traditional precast concrete manholes, septic tanks, basins, and many varieties of RCP, we manufacture Perfect Pipe and Perfect Lined Manholes, which are revolutionizing sanitary sewer systems. Perfect Pipe is conventional RCP with a HDPE composite liner that provides an ideal combination of strength and resiliency. The Perfect Lined Manhole integrates a precast concrete monolithic base with a plastic liner that is chemically resistant to raw sewer and is compatible with any sewer system. Both have a life expectancy of 100+ years in any sanitary sewer environment.

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