InfraShield® for Differential Settlement

A fully welded, easy-to-install solution for safeguarding steel water transmission pipeline in areas with differential settlement.

Geohazard Resistant Steel Pipe (GRSP) for Differential Settlement Applications

Buried water transmission pipelines connected to rigid structures often undergo differential settlement or subsidence. Left unchecked, this movement can cause significant stress and strain in the pipe wall, affecting the structural integrity of the pipeline and ultimately leading to leaks, or worse, critical failure.

The InfraShield® Joint System by Northwest Pipe Company offers a groundbreaking solution to safeguard steel pipelines in differential settlement or subsidence areas—without the need for gasketed joints. InfraShield® is an easy-to-install, fully welded Geohazard Resistant Steel Pipe (GRSP) technology designed to efficiently absorb deformation in a controlled manner, resulting in reliably leak-free performance even in the face of shifting ground conditions.


• Differential Settlement
• Subsidence
• Expansive or soft soils
• Replace leaking joints or couplings

Design Guide for Differential Settlement

Easily Specify InfraShield® GRSP

Designing for differential settlement applications is simple and straightforward with the InfraShield® Joint System. Refer to this easy-to-use design table and diagram to specify InfraShield® GRSP for areas with expected settlement ranges of up to four inches.



Technical Papers

The InfraShield® design concept and testing data has been reported in numerous peer-reviewed technical papers. For a deeper dive into the development and numerical analysis behind this patent-pending technology, download the publications from our resources page.

Product Information

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