Northwest Pipe is committed to providing quality pipe and infrastructure products for our customers.

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Engineered Steel Water Pipe

Our steel water pipe is made to last. It is lightweight, manufactured to order, seismic resistant, easy to install, and lasts for decades. No other water pipe provides as an exceptional value or low cost of ownership.

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RCP & Precast Concrete

Combining concrete and steel, reinforced concrete withstands both compression and tensile forces providing a long, worry-free service life.

Perfect Pipe on job site

Perfect Pipe and Perfect Lined Manhole

Concrete-plastic composite components are revolutionizing wastewater infrastructure.

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Permalok Steel Casing Pipe

Permalok is the premiere steel casing pipe with a press-fit interlocking joint system that goes together quicker than any competing pipe in the field.

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Bar-Wrapped Concrete Pipe

Today’s bar-wrapped concrete cylinder pipe is designed to offer cost-efficiency in terms of materials, handling, and installation.

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A mainstay in construction and infrastructure, our coated steel piling is resistant to moisture, corrosion, and deterioration.