Box Culverts Specifications

Geneva Pipe and Precast, a Northwest Pipe Company, manufactures engineered precast concrete box culverts to meet unique project requirements and governing specifications. We produce numerous sizes with custom features and appurtenances such as skewed sections, wyes, tees, and end sections that can include wing walls, head walls, aprons and cutoff walls. Unlike our standard stock products, our box culverts are custom designed to meet the unique constraints of every project.



New LRFD Code: ASTM C1577; Old LFD Code ASTM C1433


Wet cast or dry cast


A wide range of sizes are available from as small as a 3’ span by 1’ rise up to spans greater than 20’. Please consult with your local sales representative for additional sizing capabilities.


Typical flow capacities for specific box culvert sizes are available by contacting our sales team.


Bell and spigot with mastic sealant

Design Loading

Typical HL-93, HS-20 or custom project loading

Principle Uses

The most common use of a box culvert is to divert a watercourse through a land development. They can also be used as road crossings for animals, pedestrians, vehicles, railways or utilities. Additional uses include water storage, pipe replacement, and service and escape tunnels.


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Box Culvert Detail