The Strength of Steel Combined with the Corrosion Protection of Concrete

ameron bar wrapped form cover

Bar-Wrapped Concrete Cylinder Pipe (CCP) combines a steel cylinder lined with cement mortar, helically wrapped mild steel bar for reinforcement, and a dense cement mortar coating. It unites the inherent strength of steel and the passivating characteristics of cement mortar lining and coating for long-term protection against corrosion.

Northwest Pipe manufactures CCP in standard diameters of 18” to 72” for operating pressures up to 400 psi. We produce the pipe cylinders utilizing submerged arc welds to create strong weld seams. Manufactured to AWWA C303 standards and designed in accordance to AWWA Manual M9, CCP provides bottle-tight joints with allowable longitudinal joint deflections of up to 1 inch, permitting long-radius curves in pipe alignment as well as deflections required to maintain plan and profile during installation.

CCP resists internal hydrostatic pressure through the combination of steel cylinder thickness and bar diameter and spacing. With options in mixing steel components to meet pressure load requirements, Northwest Pipe manufactures pipe specific to a project’s requirements at substantial cost savings. CCP’s stiffness and beam strength help resist impacts or punctures during handling, transportation, and installation in uneven bedding conditions.

Exceeding Standards

Northwest Pipe Company is committed to exceeding national quality standards and providing quality products and services for our customers.