Safety is at the Heart of our Culture

welder inside of pipe

Safety is at the central core of Northwest Pipe’s culture, and is infused at every level of our organization. More than just policy and procedure, our program gives equal focus to the human side of safety, integrating coaching and mentoring efforts with compliance-driven approaches. By instilling a deep commitment to safety that reaches from our CEO to an apprentice on the floor, we have achieved industry-leading safety performance, while improving productivity and lowering costs.

As a manufacturer, we work hard to eliminate hazards associated with high-risk work such as falls, heavy equipment operation, lockouts, and tagouts. We also focus on personal safety issues, such as complacency and fatigue.

Setting a New Standard in Safety

Our unwavering commitment to the safety of our employees is reflected in our remarkable safety record. In 2023, all 13 of our plants had Recordable Incident and Days Away rates well below the national average, achieving some of the lowest rates ever seen at Northwest Pipe. We take pride in continuing this trend by providing ongoing training and fostering diligence on the part of every team member to guarantee a secure working environment for all.

Data shown against national average for SIC code 33121 (Iron and steel pipe and tube manufacturing from purchased steel).
Keeping Safety #1

Each of our plants utilize various interactions to achieve this performance, from a toolbox meeting to cover the day’s work and any particular safety concern, to monthly Safety Plan Meetings, ‘No Days Away’ Safety Awards, and our employee-favorite, Safety Day. Each year, a plant may close for one full day to cover safety training and updates. Outside vendors demonstrate the latest safety procedures and equipment in a hands-on fun atmosphere.

Scenes from the ParkUSA Houston Plant’s 2023 Safety Day. Team members received hands-on training on topics including fire safety, fall protection, and PPE.


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