Canyonlands Roadway Culvert

Stormwater Management

Canyonlands Box Culvert Installation


Eight 7’4” wide sections of 8’ x 5’ RCB Box Culvert with Precast Wingwalls, Headwall and Cutoff Walls. Box Culvert was designed for HL93 live loads in accordance with AASHTO LRFD 8th Edition and manufactured per AASHTO M273.




United States Department of the Interior

Engineer Firm

Alpha Engineering


Allen Gill Construction, Inc.

After weathering severe flooding events, the roadway serving a remote stretch of Canyonlands National Park in Southeast Utah required major repairs and an improved stormwater management solution. Geneva Pipe and Precast designed and manufactured an 80-foot-long run of 8’ x 5’ reinforced concrete box culvert to provide proper drainage and a storm-secure base for the new road.

To accommodate for the skewed water flow pattern, we created customize end sections combining a skewed box segment, wingwalls, and headwall—all cast as one structural component. The experience, flexibility and expertise of Geneva’s production team allow us to manufacture customized and versatile precast structures providing increased design flexibility to the specifier and minimized efforts on the job site for the contractor.

To allow for safe, stable, and efficient installation, our team designed the uniquely-shaped large structure with a center of mass that would allow lifters to accommodate installation. With our guidance and on-site supervision, the installation team was able to easily hoist and set the precast sections into place with no on-site concrete casting required. The completed fortified structure now has increased capacity for high waters, and both contractor and client are pleased with the design and quality of the product.