Paparazzi Stormwater System

Stormwater Management

energy dissipator vault installation


Two energy dissipator (impact type) vaults:
1 - 16.67’ L x 12.5’ W x 10.5’ H vault for 36” diameter inlet pipe
1 - 12.67’ L x 9.5’ W x 8.2’24” H vault for 24” diameter inlet


59.6 (combined total)


Desert Color St. George LLC

Engineer Firm

Busch and Gudgell, Inc.


Mel Clark, Inc.

The Paparazzi commercial site is located above a newly developed master-planned community in St. George, Utah. Given its geographic location and arid natural landscape, a smart water management plan is forefront to the development. Part of this plan is a stormwater capture system utilizing two energy dissipator vaults designed and manufactured by Geneva Pipe and Precast.

The project has a very steep grade for stormwater piping and requires structures between pipes to slow the water flow velocity. Presented with a conceptual drawing by Bush and Gudgell, our team jumped on the challenge to formulate a complex structural design to meet the unique and specific needs of the project. Using our team’s re-formulated design we built a custom form for manufacturing the precast products.

To efficiently cast the vaults with as few pours as possible, our production team used hand bracing to build the plywood form. Shipping the oversized precast structures was challenging as the vaults are significantly wider than the trailer. We navigated this issue by adding additional supports to secure the vaults during transport. Once on-site, Munford General Contracting installed the vaults with flawless precision.