Cedar City Regional Airport South Taxi Lane


Cedar City Regional Airport South Taxi Lane Installation


20’ x 7’ Reinforced Concrete Double-Barrel Box Culvert




Cedar City Corporation

Engineer Firm

Jviation, Inc. (Formerly Creamer & Noble Engineeers)


Schmidt Construction

To service a new aircraft manufacturing facility at the Cedar City Regional Airport, Geneva Pipe and Precast fabricated a box culvert to support a new taxi lane. The lane is used to transport the newly-built aircraft to the runway and utilizes 20 foot by 7 foot reinforced concrete double-barrel box culvert.

The considerable dimensions safeguard against potential seasonal flooding. The opening size allows for stormwater run-off and any accompanying debris as it passes safely underneath the taxi lane.

Each box culvert weighs 52,000 pounds, and at the time, was the largest box culvert manufactured by Geneva The substantial size posed a challenge to lift. The contractor utilized a crane to lift all sections from a single spot. Installation moved with ease and was perfectly synced with the timely delivery of each piece to the project site.

Schmidt Construction used hubs and screeding of the base material to prepare the subgrade. Their exceptional detail in preparation laid the foundation for an especially smooth installation process.