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AWWA C300, AWWA C361, AWWA C302, AWWA C76

Concrete is the world’s most commonly used building material and in its simplest form, is a mixture of Portland cement, water, and aggregate. Northwest Pipe Company manufacturers Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP) using concrete reinforced with steel cages and not pre-stressing wires. The composite structure marries the best features of concrete and steel reinforcement. The concrete manages compressive force while the reinforcement provides tensile strength.

Northwest Pipe offers multiple designs and joint configurations for Reinforced Concrete Pressure Pipe, cylinder and non-cylinder and gravity pipe. These designs can incorporate double gasket concrete joints and Carnegie joints (steel joint rings) for a more robust joint that is easy to test for joint leakage.

RCP has a proven long service life and offers resiliency and sustainability that make it a classic choice for water transmission, sanitary sewer systems and storm drainage. Its high load capacity supports both dead loads and live loads above. The structure of RCP stands the test of time by outlasting design expectations and providing excellent value to any community.

Made from local and natural products, RCP is environmentally friendly and often specified in U.S. Green Building Council for LEED certified projects. With concrete being one popular building materials, contractors are very familiar with installation techniques and best practices.

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