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Permalok® steel casing pipe dramatically increases field installation efficiency in trenchless projects. Available in both straight-seam rolled and and spiralweld fabrication, our engineered steel pipe system utilizes a proprietary interlocking joint system that connects pipe quickly and eliminates field butt-welding.

Capitalizing on steel’s flexibility, high compressive strength, and consistent outside diameter tolerances, Permalok is used as both a casing pipe with an interior carrier pipe or utility lines, or as a carrier pipe for low- and no-pressure applications. Permalok excels under large jacking forces and is ideal for underwater crossings and below trains, roads, or other structures.

Permalok is ideal for urban areas. Field crews install by microtunneling, pipe jacking, pipe ramming, auger boring, or Direct Pipe®, horizontal directional drilling, and open-cut casing installations. Permalok is available in any length up to 40’ and in size up to 156” OD and 2.5” thick.

In addition to the strength, resilience, and longevity delivered with engineered steel pipe, Permalok delivers many advantages to your trenchless or microtunneling project:

  • Significantly reduces installation time and field labor costs.
  • Standard product is typically leak-proof, even under considerable groundwater pressures.
  • Flush to OD.
  • Unequaled joint precision and accuracy.
  • Lining and coating options
  • Fully conductive for both passive and inactive cathodic protection systems
  • Can be manufactured to applicable ASTM or AWWA C200 standards.

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