Introducing the InfraShield® Seismic Resilient Joint System






Built on the proven performance of C200 steel pipe with no extra installation costs or training needed

As one of the most commonly used and trusted materials in water transmission pipelines, steel pipe is known for its resilience and longevity. The InfraShield® Seismic Resilient Joint System builds upon the time-tested lap-welded bell-and-spigot joint design by adding a small projection in the steel pipe wall that effectively transfers tensile and compression forces associated with seismic events. It is simple in design, yet powerful in performance. The projection transfers force into the pipe wall without overstressing the lap-welded joint. Our concept improves the mechanical response of lap-welded joints and ensures that folding or stretching occurs on the spigot end of the pipe without reducing the structural strength of the joint or thinning the pipe wall.

InfraShield Pipe Joint System Illustration

Extensive research with FEA analysis and full-scale testing has verified InfraShield® efficacy in seismic and other geohazard areas that have previously raised concerns. Some feared that buckling could occur at the bell end of the joint, an area that might be work-hardened and prone to fracture. Research has shown this concern to be unfounded.

Quick Installation without Additional Costs

From a contractor’s perspective, InfraShield® installs no differently than C200 pipe with a bell-and-spigot lap-welded joint. Our seismic resilient solution requires no additional training, supervision, or specialized tools. This means quick installation with no additional installation costs or risks. Universally known to field crews for ease of installation, the resilient nature of steel pipe also delivers joint soundness without perfect trench grading or soil stability. Other seismic resilient systems require special field crew training, installation oversight from the manufacturer, specialized equipment for maintenance, and can be difficult or impossible to tie into existing systems. The InfraShield® Seismic Resilient Joint System eliminates these challenges.

We manufacture InfraShield® in the USA with sustainable AWWA-certified steel approved for the Buy America program provisions. Our patent-pending technology has undergone rigorous testing to simulate the performance during a seismic event, differential settlement, landslide, and liquefaction hazards. Our concept improves the mechanical response of lap-welded joints during and after a seismic event and keeps pipeline operable to deliver life-saving water to first responders and communities.

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