In the Press: InfraShield® Seismic Resilient Joint System Brings Watertight Integrity to Geohazard Zones

Seismic testing of pipe joints at the Northwest Pipe plant in Adelanto, CA>



Municipal Water Leader interview spotlights the design, testing, and applications of Northwest Pipe’s newest patent-pending joint technology for water transmission pipeline.

Our InfraShield® Seismic Resilient Joint System is a proprietary, patent-pending product that builds on the proven performance of C200 steel pipe with a standard bell-and-spigot lap-welded joint to provide even greater resilience and sustainability during seismic, geohazard, and differential ground settlement events. The addition of a small projection on the spigot end of the steel pipe wall protects the joint by transferring tensile and compression forces associated with seismic events or other permanent ground movements into the pipe wall without overstressing the joint. During an event, the steel pipe wall stretches or folds, allowing the pipe to continue to deliver water even with additional aftershocks, earth movements, or differential ground settlements.

Made in the USA with high-grade domestic steel and produced out of five Northwest Pipe engineered steel pipe plants across the country, the InfraShield® system is available now to safeguard water transmission pipeline being installed in areas with geohazard and ground-settlement concerns.

In this interview with Municipal Water Leader, NWP senior director of engineering, Rich Mielke, P.E., details the design methodology and testing process that has verified this new technology, and shares about an upcoming project using InfraShield in Texas.

“InfraShield can confidently supply a long-lasting seismic-resistant or ground-settlement system at the lowest risk to the owner. The low risk is due to modern steel’s ability to bend or stretch without breaking or losing water containment. The joints are fully welded and do not rely on gaskets.”
-Rich Mielke, P.E., Northwest Pipe Company

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