Excellence in Precast: Geneva Pipe Earns Top-Class NPCA Certification Scores

Aerial view of Geneva Pipe and Precast Plant Exterior with stacks of RCP and mountains in background>




Perfect and Near-Perfect Audit Results Underscore Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

As a National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) certification program member, Geneva Pipe and Precast’s production facilities undergo a thorough annual audit to ensure stringent quality manufacturing, product performance, and safety standards. In this year’s unannounced inspections, the Geneva plants earned distinguished perfect and near-perfect scores:

  • Orem Plant: 100%
  • Salt Lake Plant: 99.3%
  • George: 99.7%

These industry-leading marks represent a new Company record and highlight our unyielding commitment to excellence in manufacturing.

Considered the gold standard for precasters, the NPCA-certified stamp provides our customers with confidence and peace of mind, demonstrating that Geneva products are made-to-last following the industry’s best practices and highest standards. The NPCA certification program evaluates product quality, documentation, production procedures, management, personnel training, and equipment to certify the manufacturing processes behind all precast concrete products. It ensures product-specific regulatory and quality requirements, including stormwater and sanitary-sewer RCP, concrete manholes, box culverts, and septic tanks. Third-party consulting engineers perform annual audits evaluating production facilities and verifying adherence to plant-specific, comprehensive quality control manual and designated standards.

Team members in safety helmets inspect a precast manhole inside the manufacturing plant
Corporate Quality Control Manager Shawn Crunk works with the plant QA and Operations teams to ensure quality standards.

The team’s improvements over last year mark a milestone for our Company, serving as a measurable indicator of ever-increasing quality and performance. According to Chris Beecher, Vice President of Operations – Precast, the progress is a direct result of our Quality Assurance and Operations teams’ combined efforts. “The Geneva QA team led by Shawn Crunk works hand-in-hand with Operations to identify and overcome deficiencies, which has driven consistent improvements in our production processes.” Beecher continues, “Our stellar NPCA inspection scores reflect these improvements, and highlight our team’s tireless efforts at all levels to produce the highest quality precast products that surpass customer expectations.”

With the bar set high as a trusted precast manufacturer, the Geneva Pipe team is aiming even higher. “We’re looking to go a step beyond what is required by NPCA—using data to drive quality improvement focus areas, reducing costs, enhancing communication across departments, and pushing product performance to meet or exceed specifications,” says Beecher.  Looking forward, this emphasis on continuous improvement and quality assurance will be an integral component of Northwest Pipe Company’s success in expanding its reach in the precast sector. The acquisition of ParkUSA in October of 2021 added two additional NPCA-certified plants to the Northwest Pipe family of precast facilities, and along with it a growing line of precast water and wastewater infrastructure products.