In the Press: Recent Acquisitions Expand NWP’s Precast Offerings

96-inch RCP being placed by crane into trench>





Municipal Water Leader interview discusses Northwest Pipe’s growing line of precast water infrastructure solutions with Geneva Pipe and ParkUSA.

Over the last two years, Northwest Pipe Company has seen significant growth, expanding our reach into the precast water infrastructure market with the acquisition of Geneva Pipe and Precast and ParkUSA. In this interview with Municipal Water Leader Magazine, Mike Wray, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Precast and Engineered Water Technology, discusses how these recent acquisitions are strengthening Northwest Pipe’s position as a leading manufacturer of water and wastewater products and as an innovative solutions-provider for our clients.

“Our customers are extremely important to us. We work with engineers and owners to ensure we have the right solution for their projects at the right time and at the right value. We have innovative products and processes for challenging applications, and we’re always ready to tackle a difficult problem and come up with a suitable solution.”
-Mike Wray, Northwest Pipe Company

Read the full interview here.