Health and Safety

Safety is at our core.

Two workers in safety helmets

Safety is at the central core of Northwest Pipe’s culture and is infused at every level of our organization. Following the principle of People, Process, and Procedure, our programs start with the human side of safety and integrate coaching and mentoring efforts with compliance-driven approaches. By instilling a deep commitment to safety that reaches from our CEO to an apprentice on the floor, we have achieved industry-leading safety performance, while improving productivity and lowering costs.

As a manufacturer, we work hard to eliminate hazards associated with high-risk work such as heavy equipment operation, slips and trips, lockout/tagout, and fall protection. We also focus on personal safety issues such as job complacency and fatigue.


We have comprehensive safety programs in place at all our plants to engage teams and increase safety awareness.

  • Scheduled Training – Includes daily stretch and toolbox meetings that cover the day’s workload and any safety issues, monthly plant safety committee meetings, and weekly area safety walks.
  • Process Improvement Teams (PIT) – This longstanding program encourages all employees to share ideas for safety, quality, or process improvements. All plants have 100% participation in the program, meaning that everyone at the plant suggested an improvement or exhibited safety excellence.
  • Safety Days – Each year, a plant may close for one full day to cover safety training and updates. Outside vendors demonstrate the latest safety procedures and equipment in a hands-on, fun atmosphere.
  • Recognition Awards – The Company presents two annual awards to recognize operational excellence at our plants. The Benchmark Award is given to one steel pressure pipe plant, while the Apex Award goes to a precast infrastructure plant. Both of the coveted awards are based on performance toward safety and lean objectives, human resources goals, quality, and financial goals.
  • Plant Communications – Part of our safety program involves learning from other plants and sharing their successes. We have many ongoing communication platforms between management and plants, including a monthly-updated presentation that continually plays at all plants as well as ACT Reports that demonstrate safety, quality, or lean improvements.
  • PPE Supplies – All plants supply Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including on-demand vision and hearing protection supplies for all employees. Additionally, each production employee receives a stipend for safety glasses and shoes.
Ongoing Efforts

Northwest Pipe Company’s Recordable Incident and Days Away rates are significantly lower than comparable industry averages. Industry average rates are recorded to OSHA per 100 full-time workers for SIC code 33121 (Iron and steel pipe and tube manufacturing from purchased steel).

NWP Safety Trends

Northwest Pipe Company’s Safety Rates Compared to Industry Average

NWP vs. Industry Average Safety Rates

Supplemental Materials
  • Employee Assistance Program – Northwest Pipe Company contracts through Canopy for comprehensive well-being services. Canopy provides confidential counseling, financial tools, child and eldercare services, leadership support, legal resources, and overall well-being support. Visit for information on their services.
  • Health and Safety Policy – Our Health and safety policy focuses on our core values of ACT.


1Based on 2018-2021 average of SICC 33121 Recordable Incident rate compared to Northwest Pipe Company’s 2018-2021 average Recordable Incident rate.
2Based on 2018-2021 average of SICC 33121 Days Away rate compared to Northwest Pipe Company’s 2018-2021 average Days Away rate.
3Based on 2020 and 2021 OHSA data.
4Based on 2020 and 2021 OHSA data.