Rose Creek Realignment Project


Rose Creek Realignment Box Culvert


120' of 14' x 6' concrete Box Culvert with 14.58' multi-piece wingwalls, reinforced with epoxy-coated steel


Riverton City

Engineer Firm:

Bowen Collins & Associates


Silver Spur Construction

The Rose Creek Realignment project involved rerouting a 1,600 linear feet stretch of a waterway to help mitigate flooding and enhance development of a growing area in Riverton City, Utah. A vital element to this project is the construction of a road crossing over a realigned canal path which provides access to a future high school location. Riverton City selected Geneva Pipe and Precast to provide the box culvert for this project.

The new road crossing utilized 120 feet of 14-feet by 6-feet steel-reinforced concrete box culverts, custom fabricated by Geneva Pipe with multi-piece wingwalls on each end of the crossing. To further protect the road from potential rising water levels, we built the wingwalls to a finished height of approximately 14.5 feet. Due to their substantial size, we arranged for special shipping to the installation site.

By working directly with Riverton City to fulfill this order at the pre-construction stage of their project, we expediently manufactured and provided specialty transport of the custom culverts, ensuring timely delivery for successful installation. Today, with this critical infrastructure in place, the surrounding community is poised for continued development with improved security against the risks of flooding and fully connected to the location of their newest high school.