Philadelphia International Airport Runway 27L Extension


philadelphia airport meta  structure

Pipe Specifications:

1,500 feet of 60” x .625” T-7 steel Permalok casing pipe coated with Tnemec 431




PHL-City of Philadelphia

Engineer Firm:

Urban Engineers


Cruz Contractors LLC

To accommodate long-range flights with heavier loads, the Philadelphia International Airport expanded one of their runways by 1,500 feet and added 10,300 feet of new and realigned taxiways. Cruz Contractors installed 60” Permalok® straight-seam steel casing pipe via microtunnelling to transport fuel lines and other utilities under the busy runway.

In comparison to other casing pipe considered for this project, Permalok has a few advantages that make it stand apart from the competitors. One main differentiator is its strength. The pipe runs under the runway and taxiway of a busy international airport and needs to support the loading and impact of a fully loaded Airbus A-380, one of the world’s largest passenger planes, as it lands on a runway.

With a limited staging area in an operational airport, our team developed a staged pipe delivery schedule to complete the project with minimal interference to passenger service.