I-10 Utility Bridge 24” Waterline Replacement in El Paso


I-10 el Paso- water spraying from bridge

Pipe Specifications:

24” Engineered welded steel pipe with cement mortar lining and epoxy coating and lap weld joints.




El Paso Water

Engineer Firm:

Brock & Bustillos, Inc.


Sundt Construction, Inc.

Completely damaged by semi-truck collision and consequent fire, the I-10 bridge in El Paso, Texas, supports a critical waterline that serves downtown El Paso. Swift replacement of the bridge and waterline was critical to residents and business owners.

Northwest Pipe expedited the manufacturing of sprialweld steel water pipe with cement mortar lining and epoxy coating for the contractor to install along with new infrastructure piping. The work required a shutdown of I-10, a major transportation corridor for goods east-to-west, and trucking to and from Mexico.

The delivery of pipe was coordinated with Sundt Construction and TxDOT to minimize disruption and expedite construction. Narrow access, limited turn-around for trucking, and limited one-way access for trucks and cranes complicated the project. The team reviewed plans to ensure pipe lengths facilitated Sundt’s installation plan and aligned with the traffic control plan during the highway closure.

The loss of the bridge was sudden and unexpected. The construction expertise of Sundt, coupled with Northwest Pipe’s quick turnaround, allowed completion of the new utility bridge to be completed with the least amount of disruption to TxDOT and El Paso Water.