Dixie National Forest Canyon Bridges


Dixie National Forest Canyon Bridge


Two 32’ span 3-sided bridges, total 46 linear feet (one 28’ x 8’ and one 18’ x 10’) with a 16” thickness deck slab, and 10” thickness wall slab




United States Forest Service (USFS), Iron County

Engineer Firm

U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service Intermountain Region 4 Engineering


Carter Enterprises

With a span of 28 feet, the new three-sided bridge structures we produced are the largest span box culvert designed, manufactured, and mobilized to-date by Geneva Pipe and Precast. Despite their incredible sizes, with the biggest piece weighing 53,000 pounds, we produced the steel molds for manufacturing completely in-house. Our skilled metal fabrication team utilized state-of the-art equipment to provide products in sizes and shapes beyond our usual operating limits.

To maximize team safety and minimize unnecessary steps or equipment in the manufacturing process, we implemented an innovative production method to accommodate the immense mass and dimension of the structures. We poured the forms upside down and transported the finished product in the same inverted orientation. Once on-site, the crane operator rotated each bridge section 180 degrees, and set them in place without any damage.

To support trouble-free and proper installation of each bridge component, we provided on-site technical services and assistance during the full installation process. All design, manufacturing, and product mobilization was executed in-house, ensuring exceptional quality, streamlined service, and owner satisfaction at every step.