Dixie State University St. George Pedestrian Tunnel


Dixie State University St. George Pedestrian Tunnel Interior


16’0” SPAN x 10’x11” RISE Pedestrian Tunnel with a total length of 204’0”




Utah Department of Transportation, Dixie State University, and the City of St. George

Engineer Firm

Horrocks Engineers (project design), SPECS Civil Solutions, Inc. (precast structural design)


American Civil Constructors

A joint venture between Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), Dixie State University, and the City of St. George, the pedestrian tunnel beneath Interstate-15 provides a car-free commuter route between the University, student housing, and the St. George business district. Geneva Pipe and Precast fabricated the reinforced concrete sections used to construct the 200-foot long underpass.

To accommodate traffic on the interstate above during construction, the contractor installed the concrete sections in two phases. During phase 1 the southbound Lanes of I-15 were shifted, allowing excavation and installation in the first half of the tunnel. The contractor then backfilled and paved a new section over the top of this completed stretch. During phase 2, northbound traffic was shifted while the contractor excavated the second half of the tunnel. The final concrete sections were installed about a month after completion of the first phase of construction.

Today, the tunnel provides better connectivity and a safe pedestrian passage for the 11,000 students of Dixie University, their faculty and staff, and the citizens of St. George. This project promotes alternative means of transportation including walking, biking, scootering, rollerblading, and skateboarding to alleviate traffic in the area.

The precast tunnel is also a canvas for local art. After the grand opening, Dixie State held a contest searching for an artist in the community to splash the interior concrete walls with a school-spirited mural. The winner was announced in early 2020, covered in this Dixie Sun News Article.

For more information on this project, please see this coverage from the St. George News.