Irrigation Pipeline

Durable, lightweight, and quick to install, steel pipe provides an exceptional value and low cost of ownership for irrigation systems.

Engineered Steel Pipe being installed in trench for irrigation system
Reliable and Efficient Irrigation Pipeline

We manufacture each piece of engineered steel pipe to the custom requirements of your irrigation project. The high tensile strength of steel and its natural resilience to seismic events make it the workhorse that has been around since the 1850s—and still going strong. Whether piping canals to reduce water loss via seepage and evaporation or expanding the reach of an irrigation system to better serve clients in your district, engineered steel is the optimal pipe material for your project. Our steel pipe is manufactured in accordance to AWWA Manual M11 standards, offering unmatched strength, design flexibility, and long-lasting performance.

Irrigation Pipeline Installed

Northwest Pipe is the leading manufacturer of engineered steel pipe in North America for many reasons—our quality standards, unrelenting drive in innovation, and ability to solve client challenges, just to name a few. With manufacturing plants nearby, we’re ready to support your next project.

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