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Easy to handle and quick in the install makes this pipe a contractor's favorite.

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Since its introduction in the 1940s, Bar-Wrapped Concrete Cylinder Pipe (CCP) has been widely used across Western North America. A main reason for its popularity is its ease of install, which has led to over 10,000 miles of pipe installed since 1970.

Standard CCP joints utilize ‘push-on’ gasketed technology, which reduces both field installation time and costs. Field welding of the bell and spigot from the inside or the outside of the pipe provides joint restraint when required. Installation teams typically point interior joint gaps with cement mortar and use traditional concrete grout diapers on exterior joints for a high level of corrosion protection. In some applications, such as field testing where hydrotesting is not possible, subaqueous installations, seismic areas, or in high fill areas with potential long-term settlement, a double gasket joint may be used.

CCP is lightweight compared to some water main pipe, which has its advantages in shipping, handling, and installation. Bar-wrapped pipe allows for easy field tapping and modification, permitting contractors and owners to economically install a full range of outlets to any diameter of in-service pipe.

This durable pipe is well suited for open cut or tunnel transmission lines, treatment facilities, distribution pipelines, water or wastewater intakes or outfalls, full-flow sanitary force mains, and water trunk gravity lines.

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