Piling Pipe and Casing

Northwest Pipe Company manufactures welded steel pipe for a variety of foundation applications. With production facilities located across the United States, we can provide prompt delivery to even the most remote job sites. Our spiral products are noted for high quality and for competitive prices. 100% radioscopic and ultrasonic inspection capabilities are available. We also offer complete fabrication and coating systems to provide you with piles ready to drive. Northwest Pipe Company’s Adelanto, CA manufacturing facility is approved by the California Department of Transportation, Caltrans, for the Manufacturer’s Quality Audit for Steel Pipe Piling.



Northwest Pipe Company manufacturers spiral weld double-submerged arc steel pipe with the most technologically advanced state-of-the-art equipment. Double submerged arc welding  ensures optimum product integrity and strength. This process achieves 100 percent penetration welds that form a flawless seam- an integral part of the pipe.

Our spiral products are noted for high quality and for competitive prices. 100 percent radioscopic and ultrasonic inspection capabilities are available.

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Spiral Weld Specifications

Outside Diameter (OD): 24″ to 156″
Wall Thickness: 0.188″ to 1.00″
Grade: up to X70
Lengths: up to 180′

Plate Roll Specifications

Maximum Thickness: 3.625″
Grade: up to X70
Maximum Width: 120″
Maximum Diameter: 40″

Custom Fabrication and Coatings

Northwest Pipe Company offers in-house engineering, custom fabrication services, a wide range of coating systems and ready-to-drive piles in lengths up to 180′

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Northwest Pipe Engineering Services

Let Northwest Pipe assist your underground construction project with its engineering requirements. Our professional staff members can
assist with:

  • the design of new products for specialty applications
  • shop drawings
  • engineering submittals
  • coordinating outside sources for specialty fabrications
  • non-destructive testing
  • product recommendations
  • coating and lining recommendations

For more information on our engineering services, please contact us directly: