ParkUSA Becomes Distributor of Fox Environmental Diversion Valve Washdown Systems






New Technology Expands Northwest Pipe Company’s Stormwater and Wastewater Solutions

ParkUSA, a Northwest Pipe Company, is now a major distributor of a stormwater diversion system used in wash pads and outdoor pavement areas. The Fox Environmental Diversion Systems automatically divert the ‘first flush’ of rain or wash water from a wash bay or pad for treatment before it enters a storm drain network.

Many wash pads are housed in covered structures, which enables the roofing system to collect rainwater and prevents it from entering the sanitary sewer. The Fox Environmental Diversion Systems are ideal for use in unroofed wash areas, open bays, and parking lots. They incorporate a patented demand valve that automatically diverts wastewater to the sanitary sewer for proper treatment while diverting all clean rainwater to the stormwater system. Fox Environmental Systems, a privately held company located near Brisbane, Australia, is the inventor of the diversion system. ParkUSA is now the exclusive distributor for Fox Environmental Systems across North America with the exception of CaliforniaNevada, and Hawaii.

ParkUSA offers two diversion systems. The Demand Driven Diversion System is triggered with a hose and wash wand, while the First Flush Diversion System is best used in larger spaces and automatically activates with rainfall. Both systems are Uniform Plumbing Code listed and are ideal for use in car washes, aviation or fire station wash areas, garbage dumpster or compactor areas, as well as gas stations and fuel transfer depots. ParkUSA is currently including the technology in a variety of engineered solution projects, including a marina wash rack, a garbage truck wash, a splash park, a parking garage, multiple fire stations, and a National Guard vehicle maintenance shop.

“This distributorship with Fox Environmental Systems is a strategic step for us to further our innovative product offerings in stormwater and wastewater management,” states Scott Montross, President and Chief Executive Officer of Northwest Pipe Company. “These washdown systems are in line with our commitment to provide sustainable water management solutions, are proven to protect stormwater, and can be used in wash bays of any size, regardless of roof height or the absence of a roof.”

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