NWP Brings Prefabricated Water and Wastewater Products to the Intermountain West Market

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Geneva Pipe and Precast is Now Manufacturing Potable Water and Wastewater Pretreatment Systems by ParkUSA, Delivered Pre-Assembled and Ready for Connection

Northwest Pipe Company is proud to announce that we are now manufacturing our ParkUSA products through Geneva Pipe and Precast, bringing advanced water and wastewater systems to our customers in Utah and the Intermountain West region. The ParkUSA line of precast engineered water and wastewater products provides cutting-edge technology for potable water distribution, wastewater pretreatment, stormwater, and environmental compliance, offering efficient and sustainable solutions to manage water resources effectively. Geneva’s manufacturing facilities in Utah are expanding production to include many ParkUSA products, which can incorporate cloud-based system alerts and maintenance alarms.


ParkUSA Water Meter Vault

MeterVault® – Water Meter System

The ParkUSA MeterVault® is a water meter system designed to measure the volume of water usage for residential, municipal, commercial, and industrial applications. Water meter systems are generally required in a water distribution system owned, read, and maintained by a public water provider, such as a city, rural water association, or private water company.

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ParkUSA Backflow Preventer

BackFlo® – Back Flow Prevention System

A backflow preventer is a check valve device that’s installed on a potable piping system that allows water to flow in one direction, but never in the opposite direction. ParkUSA’s backflow prevention systems offer advanced cross-connection control to ensure the clean water supply within a community network remains free from contamination.

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ParkUSA Lift Station

PumpTrooper® – Pump Lift Stations

Lift stations are used to transfer liquid that cannot flow by gravity on its own. The PumpTrooper® by ParkUSA is a submersible pump lift station that offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for fluid conveyance and flooding control in commercial, residential, and community developments.

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ParkUSA Grease Interceptor System

GreaseTrooper® – Gravity Grease Interceptor

The GreaseTrooper® is a gravity grease interceptor (GGI) designed to reduce the amount of FOG (fats, oils, and greases) in wastewater. Grease interceptors are used in establishments to remove excessive amounts of grease that may interfere with the proper drainage and treatment of wastewater. Typical applications include commercial wastewater, institutional kitchens, restaurants and fast food establishments, and food processing plants.

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ParkUSA Sand-Oil Separator

OilTrooper® – Sand-Oil Interceptor

The ParkUSA® OilTrooper® is a sand-oil interceptor that consists of a multi-compartment basin and patented enhanced separation technology for sediment and oil separation. Typical applications include vehicle maintenance and washrack facilities, fueling depots, industrial areas, parking lots, and stormwater runoff.

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Each ParkUSA system is engineered for reliable, long-term, and low-maintenance performance and offers a flexible design customizable to your project’s unique site specifications. Manufactured in our quality-controlled factory environment, these units are delivered to your jobsite pre-assembled for easy installation and system connection.

ParkUSA’s integrated products enhance Geneva Pipe and Precast’s growing line of proven water and wastewater solutions, which includes corrosion-resistant HDPE-lined Perfect Pipe and Trenchless RCP, Perfect Lined Manhole Systems, FRP Manhole Base Liners, as well as durable precast box culverts, unlined RCP, precast manholes, and custom precast components.

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