Vaults Specifications

Geneva Pipe and Precast manufactures custom precast concrete vaults and large precast structures that can be provided in a variety of configurations to meet any unique project requirements. Large vaults can be set in place and backfilled with minimal time and effort, eliminating the excessive time and labor required for traditional cast in place methods. These structures are a cost effective solution for many construction projects.



ASTM C858, ASTM C857, ASTM C890, ASTM C913, ASTM C990


Wet cast


A wide range of sizes are available. Please consult with your local sales representative for sizing capabilities.


Custom designed to meet a variety of capacities.


Flexible butyl mastic per ASTM C990

Design Loading

Typical HL-93, HS-20 or custom project loading

Principle Uses

Reinforced concrete vaults can be used to accommodate a change in pipe direction, a change in pipe size or shape, a location for maintenance and line observation access, junctions for multiple pipes, pump stations and wet wells, overflow structures and best management practice (BMP) products. Additional applications may include storm interceptors, diversion structures, water or material storage and custom configuration structures.

custom precast concrete vaults