9400 South Sewer Replacement

Sanitary Sewer


2 x Perfect Lined Manhole Systems:
1 – 72” Diameter x 13’ Depth Lined Manhole with Lined Flat Top Lid
1 – 60” Diameter x 10.5’ Depth Lined Manhole with Lined Cone Top


South Valley Sewer District


J-U-B Engineers, Inc.


Newman Construction

The South Valley Sewer District (SVSD) is located in the southern portion of Salt Lake County. It owns and maintains an estimated 1,100 miles of sanitary sewer lines. When SVSD received a report of a Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) in a residential area, it was determined that the SSO resulted from grease buildup in the pipe and the manhole was not draining correctly. This project addresses these issues by replacing a 150-LF section of the SVSD’s collection system in South Jordan, UT, just 2.4 miles from the South Valley Water Reclamation Facility. To support this project, Geneva Pipe and Precast supplied two Perfect Lined Manhole Systems, one 72- and one 60-inch diameter, which serve as corrosion-resistant connection points for a newly installed stretch of 18-inch PVC gravity sewer pipe.

The 72-inch Perfect Lined Manhole replaces an existing unlined concrete manhole of the same size at the intersection of 9400 S (Four B. Lane) and 1300 W (Temple Drive). The new 13-foot-deep lined structure includes inverts for existing 12-inch PVC and 15-inch lined RCP inlet pipes at their existing elevations and adds a new invert for the 18-inch PVC outlet pipe, which is positioned two feet lower than the inlets. To accommodate this extreme elevation change, the Geneva engineering team collaborated with J-U-B Engineers to design a double “beaver-slide” base. This tailored solution incorporates a steep channel slope that reduces turbulence and maintains a continuous flow of effluent from the inlets above to the outlet.  Our manufacturing team utilized robotic foam-cutting technology to produce a custom form for the uniquely engineered base, enabling the fabrication and monolithic casting of an integrated FRP liner to meet the precise specifications of this project.

The second Perfect Lined Manhole System is a new 60-inch diameter structure with a 0.1-foot drop that ties into the existing 18-inch lined RCP and provides a connection for the new 18-inch PVC line. This structure is 10 feet deep and is topped with an FRP-lined cone.

Minimizing service and construction impacts on the local community was an important factor in planning and executing this project. The weld-free joint design of the Perfect Lined Manhole System helped meet this goal by reducing installation time for crews from Newman Construction, who were able to set each of the lined manholes with ease.  The Perfect Lined Manhole system utilizes a joint with an SDV Seal gasket that eliminates the need for field welding of the joint and provides a secure seal against infiltration and exfiltration.

Incorporating two easy-to-install Perfect Lined Manholes, the successfully completed 9400 South Sewer Replacement Project ensures a corrosion-free future for a critical junction within the SVSD wastewater network. This system provides an innovative, durable, and low-maintenance solution to combat the highly corrosive hydrogen sulfide gases especially prevalent in sanitary sewer arterial lines.