ParkUSA Launches New Website






ParKUSA, a Northwest Pipe Company, recently launched a new website built specifically with our customers in mind.

The new website ( has been completely redesigned with a fresh, user-friendly look and feel. The site promotes product-based solutions and innovation for wastewater, stormwater quality, water distribution, precast utilities, and automatic controls. Enhancements include easy navigation to help customers find the products, resources, and support they need.

Each dedicated product page includes product information text, detailed renders and descriptions of popular product models, and searchable resources to quickly locate and download specs, drawings, flyers, and municipal resources. The site highlights the Company’s in-house marketing team capabilities with new videos, photos, and product illustrations or renderings. The team captures the functionality and benefits of many products with cut-away views and explainer videos.

An interactive map on the ‘Contact Us’ page helps customers reach the sales managers for specific products in their region.

“We are pleased to launch this new site to better showcase our product innovation and capabilities,” states Scott Montross, President and Chief Executive Officer of Northwest Pipe Company. “This project was a collaboration between our engineering and marketing teams to build a site that highlights our unique manufacturing capabilities, provides client resources, and matches our professional tone and brand values.”

Check out the new website: