NWP to Supply Additional Water Transmission Pipe for San Diego Pure Water Program

Cement Mortar Lining being applied to spiralweld steel pipe>



Northwest Pipe Company will manufacture over 4,860 tons of engineered steel pipe to support the latest phase of the region’s major water recycling program.

Northwest Pipe Company has been selected by Sukut Construction and the City of San Diego to manufacture engineered steel pipe for the Pure Water Program (“PWP”) Morena Conveyance South and Middle Project.

The Pure Water Pipeline includes 11 different projects that will clean recycled water to produce 30 million gallons per day of high-quality purified water. The City is utilizing proven water purification technology to turn recycled water into safe, high-quality drinking water while reducing the amount of treated water discharged into the ocean. This cost-effective treatment will provide a reliable, sustainable water supply and reduce the City’s dependence on imported water.

Northwest Pipe Company is manufacturing over 4,860 tons of engineered steel pipe with cement mortar lining and a tape wrap coating with a cement mortar overcoat. The project primarily consists of over six and a half miles of parallel 30 and 48-inch pipelines. Our facility in Adelanto, California, will manufacture the pipe, and delivery is expected to begin in the first quarter of next year. We recently produced 3,220 tons of steel pressure pipe for the North City Pipeline segment of the PWP.

“We are looking forward to supplying additional pipe on this important project that is taking a sustainable approach to securing clean water for a thriving community,” states Scott Montross, President and Chief Executive Officer of Northwest Pipe Company. “This program will provide nearly half of San Diego’s water supply locally by the end of 2035 and we are pleased to support this community as they look to adopt an environmentally conscious approach to water sourcing.”

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