10 Questions for Judith Rangel-Gonzalez






Happy Women’s History Month! Northwest Pipe Company is proud to recognize the accomplishments of all the women who contribute their vital talents to our growing team. To celebrate, we’re highlighting some of the women leaders at NWP with interviews about their career experiences, inspirations, and achievements.

Judith Rangel-Gonzalez | SLRC, Mexico

10 Questions for Judith Rangel-Gonzalez

In her ten years with Northwest Pipe Company, Judith has learned the ins and outs of the water industry, developing a successful and versatile career along the way. As Senior Inventory Control and Cost Manager at our engineered steel plant in SLRC, Mexico, Judith supervises the production control department, including warehousing and shipping. She creates and maintains production and shipping schedules, ensuring they remain on track for timely fulfillment. Judith is also responsible for monitoring, analyzing, and reporting project costs (A/E), as well as supporting plant revenue forecasting.

1. What is your job title and how long have you been with Northwest Pipe Company?

My job title is Senior Inventory Control and Cost Manager and I have been with NWP for 10 years.

2. Describe the journey leading to your current position?

Since I was a 6-year-old girl, it was clear that I wanted to study at the university level and develop a professional career. After graduating, I got involved in the steel industry and I was surprised how versatile a career can be since I have worked in the areas of project engineering, estimating, and, in my current position, leading the production control department. I have learned many aspects of the water industry from planning a project to analyzing its financial reports.

3. What’s the most exciting thing about your job?

Participating in each project, from the bid until the last piece is shipped to our customers, and knowing that we are part of a supply chain that brings water to entire communities.

4. Name two things that always brighten your day— one at work and one outside of work?

At work: working as a team with people who are committed and willing to give their best every day.
Outside of work: watching my children grow up to become independent, self-confident, and socially responsible beings.

5. Which of the Northwest Pipe ACT Values (Accountability, Commitment, and Teamwork) resonates most for you in your role and why?

All three! In my perspective, they are a unit and they cannot be separated for the fulfillment of our goals and objectives. We are all clients and suppliers of someone in the organization, and doing our jobs with responsibility and commitment brings us substantially closer to the results desired.

6. Which current or historical female figure do you admire most for their values, leadership, or contributions and why?

I do not have a particular female figure that I admire. My admiration is for all those women who, through their achievements in science, culture, sports, business, politics, etc., represent each one of us with abilities and intelligence as valuable as those of any other human regardless of gender.

7. Name someone in your life who inspires you and why?

My mother! For being a great example of determination, perseverance, responsibility, commitment, discipline, humility, and that inner strength that keeps her standing and smiling despite adversity. Moreover, all those women I have met throughout my life, who always seek to be their best version of themselves and fight every day to make their dreams come true!

8. What advice do you have for individuals entering your profession?

Commit to being responsible, disciplined, empathetic, and respectful. Always be open to learning and sharing knowledge, make every minute count. Value your work—identify the importance of doing it in the best possible way, and recognize the impact it has on the organization and on the final customer.

9. What has been your biggest career or personal achievement?

Restoring my physical and mental health after a CVA in 2019 in the midst of transitioning from Ameron to Northwest Pipe Company. Returning to my work and personal activities in a short time to help complete the transition, and seeking continuous improvement every day to achieve the professional and personal goals and objectives yet to be met.

10. What does Women’s History Month mean to you?

I think it is very important since it reminds us that the rights that women currently have are the product of a social struggle throughout history, that we must value them, thank them, and help build a better future for the following generations.