Manufacturing Legacy Propelled by Innovation

Originally known as Northwest Pipe & Casing, Northwest Pipe Company started operations in 1966 with three steel pipe mills and 20 employees in Clackamas, Oregon. Initially focused on agriculture and the then-booming wood products market, the Company grew to become a major West Coast producer of steel pipe for the water market.

In our early days, we embarked on a limited growth strategy with the purchase of a pipe manufacturing plant in Portland, Oregon, and construction of a new tubular plant in Kansas to focus on agricultural and sprinkler pipe. In 1987, a group of investors purchased the majority of Northwest Pipe’s stock and provided the necessary capital for further expansion. When we opened our new Southern California production facility three years later, we had a multi-million dollar backlog of orders and a sizable share of the rapidly developing Southern California market.

A public stock offering in 1995 furthered investment opportunity and the Company expanded with many acquisitions of competing pipe manufacturers in Colorado, California, Texas, Louisiana, and West Virginia. Additionally, we constructed a propane tank facility in Monterrey, Mexico, and installed an API tube mill at our Portland, Oregon plant. By the end of the decade, Northwest Pipe Company was the only coast-to-coast producer of spiralweld steel pipe for the water transmission industry.

The economic conditions of the early 2000’s significantly affected the tubular products segment resulting in some plant closures and consolidations. In 2008, we moved our corporate headquarters to Vancouver, Washington. From 2010 through 2013, the Company continued efforts to enhance and optimize performance. To strengthen and diversify our core business of water transmission, the Company acquired Permalok®. This acquisition gave us access to the trenchless technology and steel casing pipe market. In 2018, we consolidated our two Permalok® manufacturing facilities to our St. Louis, Missouri, location to eliminate redundant overhead. In addition, we started manufacturing Permalok® at our Adelanto, California, location, to increase utilization of existing assets and further our access to the West Coast trenchless market.

In July 2018, Northwest Pipe Company wholly acquired Ameron Water Transmission Group, LLC, a major supplier of engineered welded steel pressure pipe and reinforced concrete pipe. In addition to combining two companies with strong traditions in the water transmission business, this acquisition added bar-wrapped concrete cylinder pipe and reinforced concrete pipe to our product portfolio. The transaction included pipe operation facilities in Tracy, California, and San Luis Río Colorado, Mexico.

In early 2020, the Company acquired Geneva Pipe, Inc., a concrete pipe and precast concrete products manufacturer based in Utah. This acquisition adds additional reinforced concrete pipe capacity and a full line of precast concrete products including storm drains and manholes, catch basins, vaults, and curb inlets as well as Perfect Pipe, a hybrid solution that pairs concrete pipe and manholes with an HDPE liner for sewer applications.

Looking forward, Northwest Pipe Company strives to improve value to the Company’s shareholders, employees and all other stakeholders.