About Us

Northwest Pipe Company is the largest manufacturer of engineered steel pipe water systems in North America. Founded in 1966,  we take great pride in providing the highest quality products to the most exacting and challenging specifications for a multitude of applications. Headquartered in Vancouver, WA the company has strategically positioned manufacturing facilities in the United States and Mexico.

We utilize both the spiral weld and rolled and welded methods of manufacturing for our large diameter double-submerged arc welded pipe. Our spiral weld pipe is manufactured in sizes of 12-inch through 156-inch OD and wall thickness of 0.105-inch through 1.00-inch.

Our rolled and welded pipe can be rolled to a variety of diameters with wall thicknesses up to 3.5-inch. Steel casing pipes of up to 2-inch thickness and diameters of 30-inch through 150-inch for crossings and tunnels are manufactured with the proprietary Permalok® joint. Steel Reliners are also manufactured for the structural rehabilitation of large diameter concrete pressure pipelines.

Trained Professionals Our highly experienced staff of manufacturing and Engineering Professionals provide the highest quality products for a wide range of applications. Our services range from engineering consultation, specification review, estimating and on-site installation support. The systems we produce are custom manufactured and can accommodate an almost infinite number of configuration requirements.

Corporate Headquarters
201 NE Park Plaza Drive
Suite 100
Vancouver, WA 98684
(360) 397-6250

Portland Plant
12005 N Burgard
Portland, OR 97203
(503) 285-1400

Adelanto Plant
12351 Rancho Road
Adelanto, CA 92301
(760) 246-3191

Tracy Plant
10100 W. Linne Rd.
Tracy, CA 95377
(209) 836-5050

Parkersburg Plant
183 N Northwest Drive
Washington, WV 26181
(304) 863-3316

St. Louis Plant
472 Paul Ave
St. Louis, MO 63135
(314) 524-1900

Saginaw Plant
351 Longhorn Rd.
Saginaw, TX 76179
(817) 847-1402

SLRC Plant
Via Ameron No. 100
Interior B, Col. Las Adelitas
San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, C.P. 83520
01152 1 6535772200

Water Transmission, Our Bread & Butter The Water Transmission Group is the largest manufacturer of engineered steel pipe water conveyance systems in North America. With our Water Transmission manufacturing facilities, the Group is positioned to meet North America’s growing needs for water and wastewater infrastructure.

The Water Transmission Group serves a wide range of markets and their solution-based products are a good fit for applications including: water transmission, plant piping, low pressure and gravity flow, energy, tunnels, river, railroad and highway crossings, large diameter pressure pipe rehabilitation, structural, and industrial. Casing Pipe Enhancing our product offerings is the proprietary Permalok® steel casing pipes. We offer a wide range of custom fabrications ranging from elbows, flanges and tees to ring girders and bifurcations.

Permalok®  – Enhancing our product offerings is the proprietary Permalok® steel casing pipe, a proprietary interlocking push joint system that eliminates the need to field butt-weld traditional plain-ended steel casing pipe.

The acquisition of Permalok® in January 2014 now enables us to provide high quality casing pipe on water and sewer pipeline projects whenever design and specifications require added structural protection of a carrier pipe while crossing roads, railways and other man-made and natural obstacles.

Variety of Sizes and Wall Thicknesses We provide several different types of connection systems as well as a host of linings and coatings for corrosion protection. Diameters range from 30-inch to 150-inch, and wall thickness of up to 2 1/2-inch.