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Perfect Pipe provides a Perfect solution for municipal wastewater systems

Concrete-HDPE composite Perfect Pipe is revolutionizing municipal wastewater systems with proven performance in traditional sewers, trenchless projects, and high water table applications.

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Revolutionizing municipal wastewater systems, Perfect Pipe is conventional reinforced concrete pipe with a HDPE composite liner to protect concrete pipe from corrosion. Perfect Pipe features the benefit of durable concrete teamed with a synthetic liner to provide the ideal combination of structure and conduit. Perfect Pipe is now available in North America, after successful use in Europe, in wet cast open-trench and trenchless pipe.

The liner has a 56-pound pullout resistance and provides a smooth finish and even flow at 36 psi for a completely corrosion-free long service life. Teamed with its easy install and low maintenance, Perfect Pipe provides exceptional long-term savings.

Available in standard diameters ranging from 12” to 60” and featuring an internal connector joint, no field welding is required. The Perfect Connector provides a smooth laminar flow, a tight seal, and can be used in conjunction with any other pipe system. Larger diameter lined pipe is available with field welded joints. Please contact your Geneva Pipe and Precast Sales Representative for more information on larger diameter lined pipe or sizing for trenchless applications.

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Perfect Pipe Specifications Documents

Perfect Pipe is conventional RCP lined with a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic lining that protects the concrete from corrosion in...

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