Perfect Lined Manhole System

Perfect Lined Manhole in One Pour Precast

A complete sewer system with integrated plastic liner for a corrosion-free service life.

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The Perfect Lined Manhole System integrates a precast concrete monolithic base with a plastic liner that is chemically resistant to raw sewer. Compatible with any sewer system, the Perfect Lined Manhole has a life expectancy of 100+ years in any sanitary sewer environment.

The entire structure of the monolithic manhole base including the wall, channel, berm, and the pipe connections, are reliably leak proof. The smooth change in the angle and incline of all inlets, channels, and pipe connections provide ideal flow properties and prevent deposit build-up. The integrated gaskets eliminate on site installation that reduces field time and prevents gasket loss or damage. The custom invert channels accommodate pipe of any configuration or size. After installation, the Perfect Lined Manhole is easy to maintain and provides a high load-bearing capacity under static and dynamic loads.

The Perfect Lined Manhole System sets a new quality standard for surface drainage and waste water systems.

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