Engineered Steel Water Pipe

Whether transporting water over hundreds of miles or carrying gases through pipelines in compliance with federal standards and regulations, our steel water pipe and tubular products are made to last. And they do for the applications for which they are designed and manufactured.

For large-scale transport of water and wastewater, we are the largest providers of spiral-welded steel water pipe in North America, rolled-and-welded straight seam pipe for various applications, and custom fabricated pipe. These options come with numerous lining and coating types, professional support that extends from engineering through construction and installation, and joint connection alternatives to suit the application. Customers can readily obtain them through our in-house sales team.

Product Description

Performance-based Design

Steel pipe is designed for internal pressure and resistance to external load utilizing American Water Works Association (AWWA) Steel Pipe Design Manual M11 and AWWA Standards. Steel pipe’s strength and versatility enables customized performance-based designs to meet even the most demanding criteria.

Strength with Low Weight for Safety and Economy

Delivering tensile strength of 60,000 psi and higher, operating pressures from 150 to more than 850 psi, and bursting strengths commonly exceeding three times design working pressure, steel pipe offers unequaled safety and light weight.

Ductility and Reliability Under Stress

AWWA steel pipe typically delivers elongations well in excess of 20%. With its high toughness, steel pipe can withstand stresses and strains without fracturing under shocks from surge, water hammer, earthquakes, cave-ins, washouts, extreme temperature changes, traffic vibrations, unstable foundations, and blasting.

High Carrying Capacity for Increased Performance

Steel water pipe provides exceptionally high working pressure capability. AWWA compliant linings not only protect steel pipe from corrosion but also ensure its ability to maintain its high flow capacity over the life of the pipeline.

Bottle-tight Joints Eliminate Water Loss

Steel pipe joints do not depend on perfect trench grading or soil stability to maintain their watertight integrity. The resilient nature of steel pipe allows it to absorb soil stresses without affecting joint soundness.

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Adaptability for Ease in Engineering and Installation

Steel pipelines include a wide range of fittings and fully custom fabricated components to meet all special requirements.

Economy in Installation and Maintenance

Steel pipe’s lower weight and smaller outside diameter not only reduce transportation and handling costs, but minimize excavation and backfill. Long pipe sections, in lengths up to 60 feet, minimize the number of field joints and reduce installation costs.

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