Auger Boring

AugerBoringAuger Boring, also referred to as horizontal auger boring, is another method of pipe jacking in which steel casing pipe is simultaneously pushed from a drive shaft underneath roadways or rail lines while a rotating flight auger removes the earth through the casing pipe.

The auger is typically a flighted tube with couplings at each end that transmit torque to the cutting head from the auger-boring machine. Spoil is removed back to the drive shaft by the helically wound auger flights rotating in the steel casing pipe. The soil through which the boring is carried out is supported by the casing pipe as the spoils are removed. Upon completion of the bore and installation of the casing pipe, a carrier pipe is passed through the steel casing. The annular space between the casing and carrier pipe is usually grouted.

Permalok® was first introduced into the market place almost twenty years ago through usage in a number of auger boring projects around the country. The interference fit interlocking push joint eliminates the need to field butt-weld casing pipe as was traditional, and instead, a Contractor saves considerable time by assembling the Permalok® joints simply by jacking them together. The time savings result in substantial cost savings on the overall project.